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Omolola Utulu

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Omolola Utulu

Job Title Diabetes Nurse

My Name is Omolola Utulu ,  I am an Advanced Clinical practitioner, widely experienced, conscientious, highly motivated, patient-focussed with a proven clinical and interpersonal skills. I have many years of experience in Diabetes Management which allows me to confidently approach a wide variety of diabetes related issues and ensure the highest level of care is provided to patients living with diabetes within primary  care setting. This role presented me with a wide range of urgent care in diabetic foot related problem and other associated potential risk in diabetes. Being a Diabetes lead Nurse, I run my Diabetes clinic, initiating oral antidiabetic treatments, Insulin therapy and I autonomously undertake clinical assessment, arranged appropriate investigations, interpretation of radiographical reports and blood results, made referrals where necessary and provide advice and information to patients across a wide spectrum of clinical conditions.

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