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My  interest in health conditions started from my initial degree in medical geography where environment is seen as a contributing factor to health. The quest to understand more about this encouraged me to undertake and qualify as an RGN  from Anglia Ruskin University .  My Nursing work life,  started from a stroke ward at Brentwood Hospital and I was able to observe at very close range how diabetes in addition to other factors influenced our health conditions .

At the start of my nursing career I had very close contact with my mother in law and some family relatives who had being diagnosed with Diabetes and observed that  education plus self management was vital. I was intrigued and decided to pay closer attention to this so I can find a way to help them manage this condition without them suffering any potential complications that may arise. This interest propelled me into studying Diabetes more closely and asking myself questions why some of patients tend to be able to cope with the condition and others don’t do so well. I decided that I had to go in-depth to get the answers and this meant me embarking on an  Msc in Clinical Nursing. In furtherance of my interest  I moved to work in a diabetes specialist role in a Diabetes ward, next moved  to an outpatient clinic where I worked with pregnant women and other adult patients with Diabetes.

Following, my non-medical prescriber qualification, and keen for a new insight to diabetes management, I moved to work in Long term conditions within a community health centre as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse. Due to the community diversity in the area managing diabetes among patients is dynamic as diversity plays a key role in  individual treatment.  All roles encompass collaborative work with MDT for example Endocrine consultants, GPs, Dieticians, Midwives, Psychologist, DNs and Community Matrons. Education is a vital structure of diabetes management, as a diabetes educator of  DAFNE and Desmond my passion has been fuelled  in creating impact and awareness to minimise complications.  I believe with knowledge, one is greatly empowered to achieve a desired target that will enhance an informative decision to improve  their Diabetes management.  I enjoy providing education to individuals, family, carers, and other health care professionals including students. I have further extended my skills to managing patients on CGM and working to promote Diabetes management during transition from children to adult clinic. Finally, my goal is to become a Nurse Educator  in the near future.