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I married my best friend Eddie in 2000 straight after finishing the University. We are blessed to have 2 sons, Elijah and Clark. Aside from being a Nurse, I am also busy running our Transient House Business in the Philippines called EC Sadorra Transient & Staycation in Baguio.

I graduated in the Philippines as a Respiratory Therapist in 1999 and have moved to UK in 2005. I have worked in a lot of healthcare settings in the UK. I joined Provide CIC in 2013 working in the District Nursing Team and have been given a chance to do the Nursing Apprenticeship Course. I have finished the first part of the Nursing Apprentice Course in Anglia Ruskin University and the final part in University of Essex. I continue to work in the District Nursing Services and in 2021, I suffered from an accident and had to be redeployed in the Long Covid Services as a Long Covid Nurse Assessor and in the COPD services as a Spirometry Clinician.

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12 June
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Respiratory (Spring) 2024