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Nursing in Practice news

NMC opens recruitment for more panel members and chairs from underrepresented groups
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is recruiting for nurses, nursing associates and midwives to work on its fitness to practise cases (FtP), having opened up applications for over 100 positions. The Council has said it is especially keen to encourage applicants from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, and has partnered with a recruitment...
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District nurses facing rising workloads with increased virtual and administrative pressures
The RCN’s District and Community Nurse Forum has echoed concerns that community nurses are facing unpaid overtime alongside rising clinical and administrative pressures. The comments come after The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) released its ‘District Nursing Today’ report this week, which follows on from previous findings in 2019. The QNI’s report showed that district nurses...
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Depressive symptoms may speed up memory decline in older people, a new study has found. Poorer memory was also linked to an increase in depressive symptoms, suggesting that depression and memory were closely interrelated, with both seeming to affect the other. The findings, published in JAMA Network Open, suggest that interventions to reduce depressive symptoms...
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Our Nursing in Practice quick quizzes aim to test your knowledge through a series of illustrative cases and scenarios. Work your way through them to enhance your understanding of diagnosis and management of key conditions. Press ‘start’ below to begin the quiz. You are a prescribing ANP who is doing repeat prescriptions, and you notice...
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